We offer specialized training and skill development courses for graduate and under-grad professionals and students to equip them with the right tools needed for entering the job market. Our online and distant learning courses provide opportunity to working persons for flexibility in schedule and completion of the training. All our trainings syllabi are designed in line with latest industry requirements and performance benchmark 

​​Education And training

You can fully depend upon our services for talent acquisition in all fields and all levels of skills and educations.

​​ Aerospace

​​​Research and Development

Our services cover complete spectrum of Aerospace and aviation support to Airlines, all aircraft operators and MRO organizations. Aircraft purchase and lease support, all equipment, parts, systems and sub systems repairs, procurement and upgrades with certifications from regulatory authorities. Our Aerospace Engineering specialists deliver cost effective and certifiable solutions. We also manage aircraft and equipment inspections, and registration at local Civil Aviation Authority. 

We undertake projects in research and development in various fields, but not limited to engineering, manufacturing, chemicals, health sciences, textiles etc. Our Doctorate degree level specialists have diversified knowledge and capabilities to manage results oriented and viable conclusions from the projects. We specialize in Scientific Research and Experimental Developmental (SR&ED) projects for Canadian industries.


Information ​Technology

We support start up and running airlines and aircraft operators to establish and upgrade Operations Centers, aircraft scheduling and maintenance tracking modules, baggage handling,  ticketing and marketing systems. Also, our expertise are directed towards any organizations or company for IT infra structure and software new build or upgrade project delivering end to end solutions. Banks, engineering and manufacturing companies, insurance and financial companies, restaurant chains are our regular clients


Glow Canada Inc.